We are a global leader for sourcing
Electronic Components
Who Are We
Fairstock is a global leader engaged in sourcing electronic components across the globe via our wide network of vendors worldwide. We help manufacturers, brokers and electronical engineers to get the parts they need when they cannot find these parts through their normal channels. Our primary focus is on active and passive component.
Our Scope Of Services
Fairstock have the ability to source any electronic component used in military, automotive, aerospace, medical and other industries.
Having been in the IC business for over 7 years, we possess the experience and confidence to handle large scale orders and project smoothly.
We provide complete pre-sales and after-sales service to our global clients. We have a team of well-trained purchasers and inspectors who possess the electronic knowhow and experience of franchised lines.
Experienced Supply Chain
At Fairstock we are data-driven, and we utilize our vast database and analysis system to find all the components you need.
We do this through our extensive network of manufacturers, brokers, distributors and stockists who have excess stock available at short notice. Many of our contacts do not have an online presence and/or do not have their inventory accessible online. This means we have access to inventory which other suppliers may not be able to provide.