We individually evaluate all suppliers in our
Vendor Network

The quality of your electronics is important. We know this, and we make every effort to ensure that the components you receive are of superior quality. Our quality system ensures that technical errors can be found and determines whether it meets our quality compliance. This reduces a customer’s risk of bringing a new product to market.

Our quality procedures and supplier evaluations assist us in selecting the best quality product for you. We do this in a number of ways;

ISO 9001:2008 Compliance
Product are generally accompanied with ISO testing certificates. We work with well known 3rd party electronics testing laboratories. Each of these laboratories are compliant to ISO 9001:2008 and incorporate the requirements of AS9100C. These quality management systems are applicable to:

  • Inspection and testing
  • Counterfeit detection
  • Programming
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Assemblies for military, government and aerospace applications.

For more information on testing, read our Testing & Inspection Analysis page.
Supplier Evaluations
As our vendor and supplier network grows, we need to ensure our customers are satisfied with the product they are receiving. We individually evaluate all new suppliers who work with us, and evaluate all suppliers on a quarterly basis. Our evaluations are based on previous experiences, experiences of our partners, and financial, social and certification reviews. Suppliers may also receive a visit from a member of our quality assurance team.

All new suppliers are requested to send their product to our 3rd party testing laboratories, where we preform detailed testing analysis of the product.

Suppliers who have an established relationship with us, will have products scrutinised with detailed testing regularly and at random.
Counterfeit Detection
Counterfeit electronic components are electronic parts that are an infringement of the legitimate producer's trademark rights. These components may not confirm to the specifications and quality from the original manufacturer. Our customers cannot be assured that the product and its life-span will meet expectations. As a result, they must be 100% satisfied before utilising the parts into products such as navigation, medical apparatus, military equipment or aerospace vehicles and paraphernalia.

Counterfeit electronic components are common in China. In contrast, many electronic components are produced legitimately in China. Some suppliers may not be trained or prepared to identify counterfeit product. The challenge of identifying legitimate or inferior product is of upmost importance for our customers.

It is the responsibility of Fairstock to attempt to inspect all incoming electronic components for authenticity. We communicate with trusted testing laboratories to evaluate products and prevent counterfeit products from being supplied to our clients.

In conjunction with our Testing & Inspection Analysis, we investigate many aspects of a part, including:

  • Incorrect part numbers
  • Incorrect date
  • Manufacturer origin
  • Pre-soldered pins
  • Package is made with the wrong material
  • Laser cut lines in the markings
  • Wrong / incomplete logos
  • IC markings are in ink and can be wiped away with acetone
Refund Guarantee
Nobody ever wants to receive substandard products, and we do not want to supply such items either.

All product sold by Fairstock come with guarantees. If you are unsatisfied with the functionality of your components during the warranty period, we can refund, repair or replace the items. Our Customer Care agents are available to process your Return Merchandise Authorisation.

We document and review all RMA product in conjunction with our quality procedures, to allow us to continue offering you a reliable service.