Obsolete components can be
the most frustrating struggle you encounter

End of Life electronic components can be one of the most frustrating struggles you encounter when attempting to buy stock.

Can you afford in the short term to redesign or test your product to handle an alternative component? Do your contracts require you to use only the components listed in the project specifications? Can you trust the quality of generic component alternatives?

At Fairstock, we are happy to assist you in obtaining these obsolete components. Our large network of OEMs, CMs, stockists and suppliers usually have positive results for us. Of course, every product is different, and in a small amount of cases we also struggle. However, in most cases, we do locate stock and quite often the condition of these components is excellent.

Obsolete components can be found in new condition, but also many stockists have used or refurbished parts available. Due to the varying quality of refurbished electronics, we will, at no extra cost to you, have the parts tested in an independent ISO certified testing laboratory. We do this to ensure the parts are of superior quality, ensure they are functioning correctly and ensuring that the parts are original.

Don’t let the word ‘refurbished’ worry you. Refurbished products may be unused customer returns that are essentially "new" items, or they may be defective products that were returned under warranty, and resold by the manufacturer after repairing the defects and ensuring proper function. Refurbished parts could also be:

  • Items used in field tests, sales displays or demonstrations
  • Items returned for reasons other than defect, and tested by the manufacturer
  • Items returned to the manufacturer because the box or item was damaged in shipping
  • Used items that have been donated to a charity or non-profit organisation
  • Leftover equipment sold by a downsized company to a 3rd party refurbishing contractor

No matter what the reasons for a product to be labelled as refurbished, we will test them to ensure their quality and functionality. Of course, if you find any defects or issues with the parts, we will always accept a Return Merchandise Authorisation. Send us a Request for Quotation now and analyse our results. We will let you know if we can provide New and Original product, and if not, we will make recommendations for refurbished product. You have no obligation to buy or pay for component offers you receive from our RFQ services.