Our Vendors can secure stock and remove it from the market

Short on inventory space? Want to keep stock levels low? Revenue difficulties?

We can schedule reoccurring orders of product so that you have it when you need it.

Consider the following situation where an OEM is producing product for another manufacturer. Generally, you will buy and store the inventory you need for the project. One day, you contact your supplier to replenish your stock levels. However, you get the bad news that your supplier can not commit to supplying parts at the time you need them most.

These situations can cause headaches and potentially, if you do not find a solution, massive losses in profits can occur.

Yes, Fairstock can help solve this situation for you by obtaining product from other trusted manufacturers who have excess stock available.

But, that is not all we can do for you. What happens if, in 6 months time, you have the exact same experience?You must manage your time to search for the required components, while balancing this amongst your other day-to-day tasks. Suddenly, you have no inventory and a lot of work to do in a short space of time.

Fairstock has the solution for you. Send us your Request for Quotation and we can discuss available options to ensure you always have the product you need, exactly when you need it. We can instruct our vendors to secure stock and remove it from the market, so that we can buy it at a later date. This will allow us to always have the components you need when you need it.

Setting up a frame order for electronic components with us is a simple process.Tell us the quantities and projected delivery dates (once every quarter, once every month, specific dates).We will organise everything with our supplier and keep you updated on the process.

Frame orders can also help to reduce the likelihood that the price of products will increase over time. This is especially evident in obsolete components.