Every Challenge is an Opportunity for Fairstock

Are you struggling to find the component you need? Manufacturer delays or the temporary unavailability of products can become an unnecessary stressful struggle for your purchasing department. Bulk buying electronic components in particular can appear impossible to you in these instances.

Our skilled purchasing team at Fairstock will do the hard work for you. Our vast network of vendors gives us a wider visibility on availability of stock than other competitors. Many of our contacts do not have their inventory accessible online. This means we can access components which are not directly available to you.

Lower market availability coupled with increased demand often results in increased pricing. Our supplier agreements and our negotiation processes allow us to find affordable electronic components, without any compromises in quality.

Our online public database (which you can search via this website) details many of the products which we have provided in the past, or are currently available to provide. However, this is not a complete list. Availability of components changes every day at a rate too fast for us to accumulate inventory data with our vast network of suppliers. For this reason, we recommend you use our Request for Quotation tool to detail your current requirements of hard to find components. We will immediately work on your request and directly contact suppliers which work with this particular type of component, or particular manufacturer. Within 24 hours (often less), we will have up-to-date inventory information for the component(s) you need.

Of course, even Fairstock can struggle to find particular components. But we don’t stop there. We will dedicate time to finding your component, and we will do our best to find a good result. Our purchasing team are highly motivated, and every challenge is an opportunity for us.

Still not convinced? Why not send us a Request for Quotation now and analyse our results. You have no obligation to buy or pay for component offers you receive from our RFQ services.